Finally up and running

8 11 2012

So I finally got Raspian up and running.  It turns out my 8GB card is no good.  So things are working fine with the 2GB for now.  The Pi took some time to recognize my keyboard and mouse but it did eventually get all up and running. Now that I have verified everything to be working as per the Raspberry Pi website suggests, I will be reformatting the card and installing Fedora 17 Raspberry Pi Remix R1.

information on how to get this going can be found here.  The process is straight forward.  you download and installer and the installer downloads and copies the image to you desired sd card.  It actually is a more efficient and has less steps to complete than that of the Rasberry Pi website for Raspbian.

Because my monitor has DVI input, I went out and purchased a DVI to HDMI adapter and a 90 degree HDMI HDMI adapter to ensure i would be able to get it all going on my monitor.  Well, it turns out that it doesn’t fit due to poor design in the monitor.  The cable doesn’t have enough clearance to go into the HDMI DVI adapter and with the 90 degree adapter attached, the port is facing the monitor.  So i guess i needed a 270 degree adapter to attach to the adapter to attach to the cable????????   too much nonsense for my liking.  I will simply return the DVI to HDMI and 90 degree HDMI to HDMI and use my television for now.  Although a 55 inch Samsung LED might be overkill for this project, it has given me less headache, except for the spaghetti factory now sitting on my living room floor.

Stay tuned for my next post on Fedora 17 remix for “RasPi”




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