Raspbian “wheezy” Download and installation

8 11 2012

I finally got my hands on a Raspberry Pi.  I will be downloading and installing the Raspbian “wheezy” distribution.

I will be installing this distro on an 8GB MicroSD drive which far exceeds the minimum of 2GB ad Recommended 4GB.

The torrent (recommended/requested download method) is 434MB.  The download was a steady 1.2MB/s.

Because I was downloading and installing from my desktop (windows 7), it was required that I use W32 Disk Imager.  For those using Linux, you will need to use dd to get the image on your MicroSD.

For those who might not be aware, the Pi takes a SD card, not a microSD.  Adaptors are supported though, so use what you have if you don’t want to go out and buy more stuff.

There is a very clearly bolded warning about NOT dragging and dropping the image to your SD/MicroSd card on the Pi website.

When you download the W32 Disk Imager, be sure to download the binary.  Due to the bug bug 985080 in the 0.6 release, I chose to download the 0.5 version as I did not feel like wiping out my c drive as reported by another person.

At this point, you will need to extract the raspberry pi image, run the w32 disk imager as administrator, select the image, select your sd card drive, and click write.

When the process is complete, exit the disk imager and EJECT your sd card.

Join me on my next post where I will discuss my first boot!











2 responses

9 11 2012
Sarfaraz Ahmad

i read somewhere you were writing an X driver for rpi. hows dat coming along ?

10 01 2013

This is now complete. See the most current post for a step by step guide to the build process.

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