SD card Fails me

8 11 2012

So it turns out my 4GB Micro SD card which I used in my last post was brutally rejected by Raspberry Pi, spitting out tons of errors and unable to load the OS.  I have reformatted it and have also put the Raspian image on a 2GB MicroSD card I have just in case.  If neither of these cards work out, I will have to go buy another SD card and try it out.

On a side note.  I didn’t notice the warning about NOT powering you raspberry Pi from a hub or computer, and did exactly that.  Nothing came through on the monitor, but when I used a separate power source for USB (as per recommended specs, 5V 700mA etc), everything was going fine, until the SD card issues.


I will be back with another post shortly, hopefully getting past these short comings.




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