Something has Gone wrong!

8 11 2012

Well, a 2GB MicroSD card I had didn’t cut it for fedora remix, so I went out and Purchased an 8GB Sony class 10 SD card.  I loaded the image onto the SD card as specified by CDOT.  initial boot went well.  I created a user, set root password and set the time and location settings.  I was prompted with an option to set the partition to max size of the SD card.  I left all values including memory split to default.  When the system rebooted, I was waiting for the OS to load, when I was presented with “Oh no! Something has gone wrong”.  the system wont boot after 2 restarts.  It looks like i will need to format the SD card, copy the image and try again.


After doing some more research, it looks like after the first boot after re sizing the image (second actual boot), the oh no screen is common and you should reboot again by issuing the Ctrl + alt + Del keys.  In my case, the first time i loaded the fedora remix image and got the oh no screen, rebooting did not make a difference.  when i reformatted the SD card and reloaded the image, i again got the oh no screen but rebooting 1 more time fixed it and i was able to log into fedora successfully.


Connecting an Ethernet cable to the Pi continued to break everything.  several reboots and no change.  The keyboard and or mouse would seize to respond and or lose power.  I changed the power source and it seems to be working now.  The strange part is that the 5V 2A adapter didn’t work out but a 5V 700mA adapter worked.  Wouldn’t more power be better???


It turns out the issue was not with the USB power adapter, but the actual micro USB cable itself.  So the edit 2 post is slightly inaccurate.




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