Building VLC for Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix

11 11 2012

After finally getting through the initial hurdles of getting the Pi up and running with internet in a reliable fashion (see previous post), I was able to download the VLC source code.  Getting the source code on the Pi wasn’t too much of a challenge  but the steps following were a little tedious.

The vlc source code is in a tar.xz format (  The fedora remix for the Pi (f17) does not come with capabilities of decompressing the xz compression.  To decompress the file, I had to first install the xz-compat-libs package and then use the tar command to fully decompress the VLC source.  Once I had the VLC source on the Pi, I read the readme file as well as the install file.  My next step was to run configure.  When running configure, I began to notice that there are several dependencies (libraries and packages) required for various aspects of VLC (such as audio and video decoders).  Some of these included the following:

  • lua
  • mad
  • libavcodec
  • libpostproc
  • libswscale

Every time one of these dependencies came up, the configure script would terminate with an error.  None of the libraries or packages that caused an error and are required have been available to download and install through yum or otherwise without getting the source code and compiling it.  The alternate (temporary option) is to ignore the package(s) and run configure again.  This is what I have been doing for now, but it seems like a never ending cycle, as configure needs to start from scratch whenever a dependency is not found.

I have attached a copy of the most recent configure output as well as the command used to run it (showing the ignored packages).

output of ./config for vlc

I will need to re-evaluate and decide on whether or not this is the best or correct approach.  Check back soon for updates.




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